How to Report an Animal Food Problem

You can report complaints about animal food products electronically through the Safety Reporting Portal or you can call your state’s FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinators.

Proficiency Testing

Vet-LIRN labs participate in a proficiency testing program to demonstrate their preparedness and competency.

Develop New Tests

Vet-LIRN labs also develop new tests and validate tests developed by other labs.

Antimicrobial Resistance

Vet-LIRN monitors veterinary pathogens for antimicrobrial resistance. The labs conduct whole genome sequencing and susceptibility testing.

Promote Health

Through Vet-LIRN, FDA provides a variety of services, infrastructure, training, and funding that improve veterinary medicine and promote public and animal health.

Vet-LIRN Mission

To advance the CVM mission of protecting human and animal health by coordinating a network of veterinary diagnostic laboratories.

Vet-LIRN Laboratories

Interactive Map of Vet-LIRN Laboratories

Health Threats

FDA leverages Vet-LIRN labs to respond to health threats such as contaminated pet food, animal feed, and veterinary drugs.

Sample Collection

Vet-LIRN labs collect samples from ill animals and perform diagnostic tests not available in FDA labs.

Rapid Food Testing

Vet-LIRN labs provide rapid preliminary food testing data to FDA.

Regulatory Action

FDA uses data from Vet-LIRN labs to support regulatory actions, such as product testing, and to inform the public of health threats.

How To Join

Vet-LIRN consists of local and state partners in the veterinary diagnostic community. To join please contact [email protected].

Laboratories interested in joining will provide capability and capacity and must sign a confidentiality agreement.

Secure Account Request

Click here to request access to the Vet-LIRN secure portal.